Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Giving It Up?

I'm losing my love for it. For some reason I'm just not as passionate. I don't know why... practicing and playing is just, not fun anymore.

I wake up dreading early morning workouts, which I never use to mind. I go to afternoon workouts tired before I even lace up my sneakers.

Maybe I burned myself out over the summer, put my body through to much. I still go play even when I don't have to but it's not fun. It's all serious all the time. I pushed and pushed myself...

And for what? To find myself not having the drive I use to. Maybe it's just nerves.

So many maybes, to many maybes and no definite answers. Sad isn't it. When you have no reason for an action.

Could this really be it? Could I really be considering giving it up? Never thought I'd have this thought...

But never say never right?

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