Friday, August 20, 2010

154 A

I am now a resident of "The Quad," sounds kind of diesel doesn't it. Like the gangsta of all dormitories.

Please believe though, it is everything but. The only thing that I am not pleased with as far as my living situations are concerned is that well, I SHOULD BE IN MY LOFT!!!!!

But, that's what I get for depending on others. Waiting and waiting and waiting for them to handle their half of things and it never gets done.

Definitely looking to move into a single now instead. Can't depend on other people, it's not possible when you're me.

But anyways back to "The Quad"(dum dum dum)hahahaha.

The gangsta of all dormitories is loaded down with juniors, seniors, a few sophomores, my roommate being one of them), transfers, and exchange students.

Brand new building, community rooms that are absolutely chill, a game room in which I will be hustling, we got pool tables, and a workout room that I will be in when not in the library.

Which is literally next door. I am so amped about that!!!! I know I'm a nerd.

The roommate is cool, she's only a sophomore, but cool nonetheless. I will def do a blog on her b/c she is, how do I put this, always higher than the sky and drunker than a skunk.


Well, I gotta go later!

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