Friday, August 20, 2010

Hands Off

21 years old - 29 years old

Work relationship only. Casual conversation about nothing. Hey how ya doings? and such. Then one day... a serious question. One that came from an observation that was made.

An observation that was made because of my fingernails.

Who notices stuff like that about me. I wonder if anyone else would have picked up on that. How my fingernails reflect how I'm feeling.

Ever since those days of us promising that this friendship would never be more than that, that we would never cross that line... we crossed it. Years ago, when something was morally wrong with it.

And never once was I ashamed. A little upset about the fact that I had lowered my own level of integrity. But, enjoying the comfort of him.

Not only physically but emotionally as well. Actually, come to think of it... as the years went on we became closer and closer.

I truly cherish what we have, it is something I have never experienced, something that I am grateful for.

To this day, he still checks my nails. Even though we see each other everyday almost, he still checks them.

All of this, what we do, the conversations we have. The hours we spend sitting right next to each other just talking.

I cherish it.

There is nothing like a man that respects your decision to not want to be physically intimate. One that never brings it up out of respect for your decision.

Wow... never ever heard of that.

But yeah, this is too be cherished. To bad it's something that can't go any further than it has. But oh it has been considered.

In fact, it'll probably be considered again tonight.


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