Saturday, August 7, 2010

Ain't Nothing Like A Close Family

I had an absolutely amazing time at home. My Grandma Janie got moved into a nursing home into Bastrop, which means she's closer to the family. My ane Helen is still in the hospital but, she is holding on.

My family finally let me breathe and stopped pampering me. I partied quite a bit, in fact, I drank so much I could still be a little intoxicated now lol. I enjoyed every minute with those sap tappers.

I didn't have to do any fighting this year, the fellas handled that since they were all out at once. Usually them boys locked up, sad but true. I was glad though because I really wasn't trying to fight anyone.

I'm growing up lol. Speaking of, I did quite a bit of shopping. Way to much shopping. But that's another blog.

I ran into an old friend too. It was really good to see him. And it was nice to have him around in a place where our relationship was a thing of beauty, not... "Why she don't want a brother, all over that white boy like that?" or "Is he really dating her, but she's not blonde, she's black."

I miss that, not our relationship, but the beauty of it. The part where we were so comfortable together that nothing else mattered.

The rodeo was fantastic, I didn't win anything big but I met some amazing riders. Enjoyed the carnival.

Celebrated my birthday with the fam, that was SO TOTALLY WICKED!!!! Man what can i say about these people, I love 'em to death. They are my life, and I'd give anything for them.

A lot more happened but, I don't feel like typing it all out lol...

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