Sunday, August 15, 2010

Just A Little Under The Influence

I safely celebrated my birthday by not drinking and driving, and I even kept the emotional b.s. to a very low minimum. In fact, I only made one drunk phone call, to my friend.

He shoulda been my bestie but lately, he's had no time for me. I kinda figured he wouldn't. It's something that has been evident since my screw-ups.

And thats cool to a certain extent, but damn... but anyway, I can't seem to really get a answer for the questions I have now and in all honesty. It's starting to agitate me just a bit.

Oh well, can't try forever right? So I guess thats my cue to just try and be regular friends. Best friendship can't be forced and thats what was trying to happen.

I realized that after I whatevered him on the phone. And thats fine.

After that phone call I was a little relieved, in fact released from my own mind. From my own thoughts about our friendship and my relationships with other people, it all became so clear to me.

The cliche was right, a drunk womam never tells no tales because after that I realized one thing. It's all good in the hood baby. It's back to the way its always been.

Me, loving me... and thats the way it goes. And yes, I am enjoying a nice glass of Moscato right now.

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