Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Scrambled Thoughts on Another Blog

"From now on, I'd experience women in the following way: Meet a woman, take her out, be charming, crack a few jokes, treat her like a lady. Show her a great time."

"In other words, Quality Time."

"Every now and then, do something special for her like shower her with roses, cards, poems, perfumes and, of course, pay a bill."

"Yep. I have no problem whatsoever with paying a couple bills, here and there."

-Minus The Bars-

I was reading this blog entitled "Coochie Coupon." Now at first glance of the title you would think it was all about sex, but you have to actually read the blog to get what is being said.

I understand where he is coming from when he says that he has "lost all desire for commitment, due to past failures." But that statement alone, scares me in a way. I guess what makes us different is that I would love to be in a relationship, but like his, my desire is slowly fading.

Anyway, I completely agree with the statement, "relationships aren't everything they used to be." True, yes I'm young, but I have witnessed real love. And the so-called love that people think they have is nothing compared to real love.

In my opinion a f*ck buddy is just that, a f*ck buddy. If it happens to go past that then so be it. But when a woman, or man, states that you are just f*ck friends then thats that. There is no, this is a relationship, you need to do this and this to get all of this.

This agreement, to be f*ck buddies, is an agreement that indirectly states I Jane Smith am willing to engage in sexual intercourse with you John Smith (or vice versa) without wanting or needing anything more than the sheer pleasure of some hot passionate sex. Plain and simple.

This explanation is why I am so puzzled at why your "coochie coupon has expired?"

I'm so confused lol

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