Friday, March 12, 2010

And That's the Way It Is

My spring break started off pretty chill. I breezed through my midterms racking up some much needed As... trying to get that 3.5 ya know. Slept pretty much all day Saturday, well til 11. Cleaned up a little then went and kicked it with "Savage Sam."

He's one of my interns. Nice kid, well-mannered. I say kid but he's older than me lol. But he and his girl just parted ways and he called saying that he needed something to do. And well I was bored.

Sam told me one day at work that he had never heard of A Tribe Called Quest (I know... WTF right?). So, I educated that poor child and let his ears be graced by some real hip-hop. Then I made him watch Krush Groove because... well that's all about old school music.

And can you believe this child had never heard of Kurtis Blow, The Fat Boys. He didn't know who Marley Marl was, KRS One, Grandmaster Flash, Whoodini... UGH!!! I'm getting mad all over again. But... it was chill kickin' it with the intern. Now I got him hooked on old school music... he's like a crackhead just can't get enough.

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