Monday, February 22, 2010

Ooh Wee He is Fiiiiine

So, last night I had an extremely good conversation with my sister... and I admitted something that was so true and so on point that I had to Facebook it. The funny thing is, not everyone was feeling it. In fact, I got quite a few emails, an angry phone call, and even some odd text messages, all from guys to... go figure.

"You know, I be thinking I have feelings for people... turns out, I just be horny."-Yeah I said it, so what-

You gotta admit that is kinda funny and true. Let's be serious for a second people. Being horny can kind of be considered an emotion. Which is defined as any strong feeling. And being horny is quite a strong feeling. Anyone who says different has never been horny (or getting it in day in and day out).

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that every relationship I've ever been in is because I wanted some, it's just that, those guys who I should have known weren't good for me and who I knew I would never consider a lifetime partner, I've simply lusted over. They were sexy, and at the time, had it going on on the outside.

Being horny is an emotion people wear on their sleeve so to speak. One minute they're lusting over that guy or girl (b/c fellas y'all do it too) in the club. Saying stupid things like, "look at how he moving on the dance floor I bet he could ooh wee all up in the bedroom. Ima get that." Or "Dang shortie got an ass on her, ima hit that and make her one of my jants." But after a failed attempt or a change of topic, the feeling is gone.

In all honesty, I'll admit, I've entertained the thought of talking to a guy because of his physical, but I know that'll get me nowhere. As much as I love to look at a fine tall brother and think about how pleased I'd be in the bedroom, I need more in my life than some thang thang. And that's the truth honey.

I'm not knockin' you if all you looking for is some good good, but ummm don't let your hormones pick and choose the "relationships" you choose to be in because eventually, you're gonna wanna know more about the person you're having sex with... at least I hope so.


Blushing Eyes said...

CAN THE CHURCH SAY AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is on point!
FYB- She was talking to me! lol
BUT this is so true tho!
People need to open up there eyes and realize!
They ain't got feelings, they horny! LOL (Most times anyway)

Don said...

Hilarious post.

I need more in my life than some thang thang. Too funny.