Sunday, February 14, 2010

The 25th Day

It's finally over! My fast has come to an end and if I do say so myself, I'm very proud of me. At first this fast was just a test of wills. Could I hold out voluntarily without cracking. I started this journey with my a few good friends and ended up finishing it alone.

My sisters and my girls let me down, but it's all good because in all honesty I didn't think any of us would make it. Well, it is Valentine's Day and, my fasting is technically over. So, do I end it just because I can or do I hold on to this new found strength.

I mean, let's be real. I have no man, and I don't wanna be that chick out having sex with some random guy just to get off. I've been doing it, well not doing it, for this long why should now be any different.

Well, it's Valentine's Day and I have plans of my own to attend to. Taking myself to Richmond to do a little retail therapy and then dinner at my favorite place. Happy V-Day bloggers!!!!

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