Friday, February 5, 2010

25 Days of Fasting

So, people keep asking me about my fast. Some even tried to tell me that I shouldn't be eating at certain times of the day. So it's time I make this clear. I am fasting from doing the horizontal polka, the grown folks thang, the nasty. Lol, so many names it makes me giggle like a lil kid.

Don't get me wrong, I am very "addickted" according to those around me. Which is why this was such a shock to them. In fact they've joined in... well two of them have. My youngest sister and my co-worker. Everyone else is, well getting full.

Now this isn't permanent it's temporary. The girls (who are fasting with me) and I decided that we should all chill out until we get the one we want. And since we all seem to be having a bit of trouble we're... chilling.

I've been fasting for 15 days now. It's been a lot longer than that since I got what I needed and believe me them withdrawals ain't no joke. But I'm coping (j said i sound like an addict lmbo). But, I'm hopeful that this will all end very soon. Because frankly, I'm... well ya know.

Tryna make it to 25 days but ummm...

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