Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday

Church was good, the message was "Let's Talk About It." Which is something I've been needing to do lately.

But I'm not ready. I need to make it through this entire process un-tampered with. I am feeling a little bad about just leaving my best friend and family out of this loop but I had to.

Last time they all tried to talk me out of it and help me fix things but things never really got fixed.

This time I had to just go. Cold turkey l.o.l.

I did get on Facebook today though. Saw that I had millions of notifications and messages but I didn't check them. I only got online to deactivate my account.

When I'm ready to re-join networking world I will but until then here is where I'll be.

I've been toying with the idea of really cutting people off and for that reason, my cell is off. Literally. It sits in my room all day and all night.

I don't take it to work or school anymore. Weird huh? I wonder how many people in the world could live without their cell?

Someone who didn't know me would say I was crazy and being irrational about how I'm handling this part of my life right now.

But someone that really knew me and really knew my struggle and my pain would understand this decision.

Tomorrow is Monday which means I have a lot to do tonight for the week. About to update some other blogs and then smack the books.

I'm getting my writing legs back under me so expect me to lay some stuff on you real soon. Nothing to heavy, but something with a little weight on it.

One love.

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