Thursday, April 21, 2011

I haven't been on a social networking site, other than this if you count it, in about two weeks. And I feel good. I needed a break and after breaking down the other day I just felt like I wasn't ready to join the rest of the world yet.

I need a vacation, a serious one. And I want to go by myself. I know it sounds strange but the weight of everything I've been doing and going through these last few weeks is making me tired.

I'm still happy, my joy hasn't left. But I need a break. At 21 I didn't expect to be this stressed. I guess I brought it upon myself but how I don't know. It's like I didn't see this train coming and it just smacked me.

I haven't talked to anyone on the phone in ages, and that's fine with me. I just don't want to be bothered. I needed a break from people.

I don't even hang out on the yard anymore. I walk behind Foster Hall away from everyone and go on about my business.

Work is okay, doing my job and going home. Haven't sang in a while. But I have been vibing to De La Soul and a Tribe Called Quest and Lupe in the mornings.

Kirk Franklin and other gospel greats as soon as I wake up. Kesha and Far East Movement in the evenings.

Yeah I listen to it all.

I'm enjoying not having to listen to other people. For once I'm doing really well and I'm enjoying myself.

Last time I went away like this I checked in and I guess not doing that this time is making this all worthwhile.

I'm going to be out and about again just haven't decided when yet. I guess that's for God to decide. But much is about to change sooooo I hope the world is ready. I'm continuing on my journey to be a better me.

Starting over fresh, in every way possible.

One love.

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