Thursday, April 7, 2011

Breaking Down

Okay, so my spirits are a little lifted! I have no choice but to smile everyday anyway right.I mean things aren't completely amazing but hey when are they ever.

Gotta take the good with the bad.

My sex drive is at an all time high, problem is, I'm on this celibacy trip and haven't had sex since 2010. Like early November late October 2010.

But my body is craving for it now. I mean my body is begging for it. Slowly I'm breaking down but I'm hanging in there.

Yeah that last sentence was a contradiction.

I want to give in to temptation so bad but my heart won't let me. I'm on a mission to save my self until marriage.

No I'm not a virgin but after some thought, I had to put a lock on body. I only want to give it to one that is deserving.

And for that reason, I am waiting until I get married.

My thoughts are... whooo hoo boy they are bad. But I'm suppressing them more and more.

I just need some physical attention. I need a man to come and take care of three simple things.

My needs are: (in case you're wondering hahaha)
~a shoulder rub
~some sweet sweet tender kisses
~and my body held

That's it. A little physical compassion to match the emotional compassion I'm longing for.

But yeah, I'm breaking down.

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