Monday, May 24, 2010

I'm Slipping

I used to blog everyday, sometimes twice a day depending on what was going on. But lately I've noticed that days can go by and I will have not written anything.

Oh but that's all about to change, it's the summer time. My life is... well it's living. And I'm happy, I don't know where this sudden burst of happiness came from but the feeling is one that is extremely addicting.

It feels good to smile and actually, truly be happy. Yeah, there are some people and some situations that are trying me but, I'm holding on and remaining in control, which was hard for me at one point.

I haven't had sex since the beginning of time and although since last Thursday I have been experiencing those crazy urges, I'm handling my hormones quite well. However, I'm not gonna lie, jumping bones would be overly satisfying right about now.

Anyways, my lit. class had me bugging today because we had a group project due and of course, there is that one slacker who did nothing. Yeah I was stressed but I'm cool now. I'm still falling in love with the class so this minor bump will not slow me down.

Well, that's about all the rambling I want to do right now. BTW, I've lost 13 lbs since I began working out... aww shucks I'ma be a powerhouse under the basket in the fall, lookout now.

peace and blessings

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