Sunday, May 9, 2010

We're Losing

I woke up this morning to hear that two more of God's children were called home. I feel like the kids of my generation aren't listening yet.

God is calling his numbers. Every weekend we lose another one of us and it's killing me. We have to stop ignoring this message He is sending us. It's not the club that is killing us. Nor is it the alcohol, or the drugs, or even the guns. It's us.

We are destroying ourselves. Everyday we make decisions that jeopardize our lives. We have got to step up and start living right. Otherwise we will be what destroys our families, schools, and this may be a bit far-fetched but even this country.

We are losing, with every funeral, with every tear, with every crying mother, brother, sister, father... we are losing. We have to stand up and take charge. Don't follow me, walk with me, please.

I weep for my generation, God is trying to tell us something and yet with all of our losses we're still not listening. When are we gonna wake up? In these days, we need to stay prayed up. We owe it to our friends, brothers, sisters, and even our enemies that we've lost to make changes. Killing each other isn't gonna do anything but wipe us out. R.I.P. y'all

R.I.P to all that have lost their lives. We love you.

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