Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I Must Say

I quite enjoyed myself the other day. It nice, actually having a conversation with my friend face to face. It was kinda like old times except, he was the taller one and pushing me around for once lol.

But it was cool all the say. I do believe I ruined a small portion of his day but, he "said" he was cool with it. We gotta do that again...

In fact, that whole day was a better day for me than the previous, for on the previous day I had a severe meltdown in front of tons of people. School had really almost taken me out, but I'm good now praise God.

I've only been in this African-American Lit. Class for two days and yet I have already fallen in love with it. I am so excited about this class that I get there early just to talk to Dr. Dandridge about the things she has experienced herself.

The history of my people fascinates me, and I am so eager to learn more.

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