Thursday, November 19, 2009

yeah, i'm feelin like... that

have you ever had feelings for someone but then kind of regretted it after the fact? well not regretted it because thats how you felt but kinda felt like you may have made a friendship awkward... well thats how i felt. my friends told me that i might have been coming on too strong and i felt like they were right so instead of fallin' back, i stepped away and yet... im feelin' like i shouldn't have... so yeah, i'm feelin like that.

whats crazy is though after i expressed my feelings i was expecting for everything to just fall into place and it didn't... i mean, i dont know. but yeah things didn't seem like they were working in my favor so i kinda set my feelings aside and settled. now don't get me wrong, the relationship i'm in now is okay but, UGH! in the back my mind i'm still carrying those feelings for my friend. so yeah, i'm feeling like that.

i mean my boo is a good dude, don't get me wrong but he's not everything i want in a man, something is missing. so you can understand why i feel like i settled can't you... or maybe you can't. i don't know why i stopped tryin to "talk" to my friend knowing that he pretty much had it going on inside and out and i just effed it up, so yeah im feeling like that.

but hey, who's to say things won't change and i'll get my head on straight in enough time to gain that trust and affection that i want... so yeah, i'm feeling like this.

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