Thursday, November 19, 2009

what's my name???

miss extraordinary, coconut, big-point, big head, ... all of these names and yet not one of them describes me in full... maybe thats why i have so many. or maybe its because not everyone who knows me, knows me. i mean, im real at all times but not all of me is on display at all times.

i can only be my true self, the good, the bad, and at times the ugly around a few people, the people who i trust whole-heartedly. who i know won't change their opinions, judge me, or shun me because of the decisions i've made and will make right, wrong, or stupid.

i guess miss extraordinary describes me in full but the name makes me think of a superhero. and that makes me wonder, could i be a superhero???? i mean, superheroes are strong in every sense of the word and i'm not... ugh!!!

oh well, i guess when it comes down to the right nickname for me the right person will bless me with it. whoever that is.

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