Friday, November 20, 2009

Just a Thought

Does anyone really know what they want? Seriously, think about it... people always say they want this, this, and that. They want perfect friends, the perfect man/woman, and the life they dreamed of as a kid.

But who really knows what they want... but not only that, could people actually handle getting what they want. For example, people who say they want to win the lottery and actually do don't seem to use the money the way they said they would. They blow it!

It's funny because this is how people treat life. They find friends who they ask for nothing more than to be honest with them at all times and then when they do just that, people blow the friendship by getting upset. Can't handle it!

Or what about when people are in love... or like lol and they want a significant other that will be good to them but they blow it by living in the past or making the new person pay for what the old one did. Can't handle it still.

With that being said... who really knows what they want, and if they got what they wanted could they even handle it? I'll admit, I don't know if I could truly handle getting what I want because I haven't gotten it yet. But I can be 100% sure that I know what I want because like many I've gotten enough of what I didn't want to know.

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