Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bedroom Guard

It stands before your body as an invisible wall. Waiting to be torn down. It is the gatekeeper to your most sacred gift, this gift...

When someone knows you like that it makes it your entire body exhale and smile with pure satisfaction. It is that time when you literally bare your soul to someone.

There is just something about someone that knows just how to please you in such a way that it leaves you speechless and truly satisfied. It's a feeling that comes over you when someone knows you inside and out.

It is the time when you reveal who you are inside and out. Now, this isn't the first time but this time it is different from any other time.

He knows you now, more than you think he does. More than anyone else ever did. He's studied your every movement. The way your hips and lips move, the way your eyes dance. He knows, simply by the way your body moves, just how pleased you are.

He knows just what to do so that you desire him even when your body is satisfied beyond it's limits. His strong hands seem to always be in the perfect place, his lips caress your skin at he right time.

Your bodies become one without hesitation, they move together slowly, quickly. They are elegant and divine.This is what love making feels like.

It gives the body a rush when it's slow and sensual, and causes the body to beg for more repeatedly when the tempo increases. It is this that makes you reminisce days after, tender love.

This gift is beautiful and real, but it is guarded.

To be continued...