Wednesday, January 5, 2011

So Far I'm Sticking With It

It's only been 5 days but I been sticking with my declarations. I have been writing everyday but not on here.

I started a new journal, yes a journal. I don't want to call it a diary because it holds no secrets.

I'm excited about the things getting ready to happen. I'm setting myself up for greatness and going only where the Lord leads me. I have to stop trying to do things without him. It's not healthy.

I cut my hair. Well I didn't cut it, the beautician did. one side is slightly longer than the other though. It's almost kinda cute, don't know how I feel about to yet though. It's kinda cute but is it me???

Something different I guess. Glad hair grows back though because I asked for a cut, as in take off two inches, not a short side long side cut.

haha oh well... Let me get back to relaxing. My body is so restless, can't wait until I can do some real physical activity. I might even break the docs rules lol.

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